Profe Club provides the Spanish & Bilingual resources you need to be organized, confident, and prepared, so you can focus on the reason you became a teacher: to help students learn.

Fellow Bilingual Teacher:

What if you could plan your lessons for the week in just a few minutes?

What if you did NOT have to translate and create new resources for your students every day?

What if you had access to activities for multi-leveled groups and centers at your fingertips?

Finding that hard to believe? We get it. After all, we've been there!

You are overwhelmed with the fear that despite your education courses; speaking two languages, student teaching and/or years of experience in the classroom…you’re not doing your job “right” and can’t “get it all done”. You are struggling to keep up with the never-ending to do list and still have time for your family. You are stressing about the fact that you’re working around the clock, yet barely getting by.

When all you really want is to have ready-made Spanish resources, implement new strategies and help your students succeed.

Good News! Your life as a Bilingual Teacher can be easier (y más divertida)!

Enter: Profe Club

The no-stress membership for busy Elementary Spanish and Immersion teachers who want standards based resources and differentiated activities in Spanish without banging their head against a wall.

Profe Club

Spanish & Bilingual Resources
$ 17 Monthly
  • Instant access to an organized library of 400+ (and counting!)
  • Access to new resources weekly
  • Connect with other teachers for ideas & inspiration in a Private Facebook Group
  • Suggest/Request New Resources for Profe Club Members
  • Save Tons of Time for Less than 60¢/day
  • Peace of Mind

Profe Club

Spanish & Bilingual Resources
$ 167 Annually
  • Instant access to an organized library of 400+ (and counting!)
  • Access to new resources weekly
  • Connect with other teachers for ideas & inspiration in a Private Facebook Group
  • Suggest/Request New Resources for Profe Club Members
  • Save 48% off regular monthly rate (Only $14/month)
  • Peace of Mind.
Tenemos tres años utilizando los recursos de Spanish Profe. A los niños les encantan! Tiene imágenes bonitas, las actividades están adecuadas para las edades de nuestros chicos y son divertidísimos. De verdad, nos encanta y nos han ayudado a mejorar la calidad de educación que ofrecemos en el colegio. Spanish Profe tiene una diversidad increíble de recursos. Hemos sido bendecidos con los productos de alta calidad de ellos.
Directora, Futuro Lleno de Esperanza, Dominican Republic

If you've ever had students walk through the door and thought, ‘¿Qué vamos a hacer hoy?’, you’re not alone.

With Profe Club, you get instant access to an organized library of 400+ (and counting!) standards based materials to help you differentiate all parts of your day (escritura, lectura, matemáticas y mucho más). You’ll be ready for days that you need a quick activity, are home sick or need to individualize work for one of your students that is a high flyer or needs extra support.

Take of Tour of the Profe Club Member's Area:

Profe Club is worth every cent. I now have differentiated centers during my literacy and math blocks in SPANISH!! I also have a plan for my students needing reading interventions. There are so many resources available, sometimes it is hard to choose which ones to use. Thanks!
2nd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher, Minnesota


Hundreds of bilingual resources and tools you need to go from overwhelmed and stressed to a calm, confident and effective Bilingual teacher.

¿Preguntas? Questions? No need to raise your hand.

If I sign up now, when can I access the resources?

After signing up for the Profe Club membership, you get instant access to the members portal, and the organized library of hundreds of resources. You will also get access to all future resources as they are added! (NOTE: Sometimes there is a slight delay for those who pay with PayPal)

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept major credit cards, PayPal and school purchase orders.

What grades/levels are resources available for?

Profe Club has educational resources available for Bilingual, Dual Language and Spanish Immersion students in Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Second grade

Do you have resources for Elementary K-6 Spanish language teachers?

Add Your Heading Text HereYes! Many of the unit resources , vocabulary word walls, activities, games, posters, classroom decorations and book studies could be adapted to and used with Spanish language learners. 

Do you have resources for Secondary Spanish Teachers?

Will the price increase over time?

Once you have joined the Profe Club Community, you will lock in that membership rate for as long as you stay a continuous member. That means that even if the listed price on the website goes up, you will keep paying the same amount.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes! We accept purchase orders and offer multi-teacher discounts to school districts. To find out more information about submitting a purchase order and prices go here. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]. We are more than happy to work with your school or school district.

How often is Profe Club updated?

In addition to the hundreds of resources you will have instant access to when you join; new resources are added to Profe Club weekly.

What types of materials are included in the Profe Club membership?

I'm not very tech savy. Can you help me?

Yes! When you become a member you will have access to a video walking you through the membership. If you have additional questions you can post them in our members ONLY forum or email us at [email protected]. We’d be happy to help you.

Can I cancel my membership?

We hate to see you go, but of course! If you would like to cancel your monthly membership at anytime you can and will not be billed an additional month.

Have a question we didn't answer?

Send us an email at [email protected]. We'd be glad to answer any additional questions you have.

Profe Club Resources in Action:

Your resources have been a tremendous help to my students' language acquisition and writing. Thank you so much for creating such quality products for our bilingual learners. They are scarce and I really appreciate it!
Lucia J.
1st Grade Bilingual Teacher, Texas

Don't spend another day struggling as a Bilingual Teacher!